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"I have been using CollaborateMD since 2007 so this testimonial is long overdue...

I started as an unexperienced biller-- billing for one practice. By using CollaborateMD as my main tool, I was able to build a medical billing company with over 24 clients to date. The support from the teams at CollaborateMD's  have been overwhelmingly helpful from the day I set up my account.

Managing a multi-specialty medical billing company can be very stressful and challenging for me and my staff. Because CMD is affordable for small practices, extremely efficient, user-friendly, with excellent support and customer service; my billing company is able to provide great service to our clients.

We advertised our company once since 2007 and have grown from word of mouth. Our clients are satisfied with our service and impressed with CMD's practice management capabilities.

I can't thank CMD enough for the success of my business, my personal growth in the medical billing field and the vast opportunities I can achieve in the future!"

-- Joanna Soucek - Owner of Island Medical Billing

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