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Because CMD Cares a few of us here at the office ventured out to historic Sanford, FL to visit Heart 2 Heart Birth Center -- CMD customers since 2007. Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is a full service maternity care center for healthy, low risk, women seeking a natural birth option.

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Heart 2 Heart Birth Center leveraged our dedicated Implementation and Customer Relationship eXperience Management (CRXM) teams in December & January to help increase the effectiveness of their business. Before reaching out to CollaborateMD, Heart 2 Heart Birth Center had a First Pass Acceptance (FPA) rate around the industry's average. Over the last two months they've noticed great improvements in their effectiveness of using CollaborateMD and to achieve their business goals. By leveraging CMD's exclusive RelayHealth Financial Analytics tool, they were able to increase the amount of claims out the door, and are now boasting an FPA of 100% !

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With the use of ERA (electronic remittance advice), adopting CollaborateMD best practices and lessons learned, Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is now able to work less, get paid fast and focus on delivering precious babies to proud parents. Keep it up - Heart 2 Heart Birth Center!


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