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Due to a network disruption, a delay occurred in the transmission to the payers listed below from the clearinghouse on 09/05/2012. A resolution has been implemented and the claims were transmitted to the payer on 09/05/2012 after the payer's daily cut off.

CPID 1460 Louisiana Medicare
CPID 1465 New Jersey Medicare
CPID 1522 District of Columbia Medicare
CPID 1526 Arkansas Medicare
CPID 2455 Arkansas Medicare
CPID 2456 Delaware Medicare
CPID 2457 Pennsylvania Medicare
CPID 2459 District of Columbia Medicare
CPID 2461 Virginia Medicare
CPID 2464 Maryland Medicare
CPID 3579 Louisiana Medicare
CPID 3677 Mutual of Omaha
CPID 5503 New Jersey Medicare
CPID 5554 Maryland Medicare
CPID 5556 Mississippi Medicare
CPID 5598 Pennsylvania Medicare
CPID 5823 District of Columbia/Delaware Medicare
CPID 5912 Delaware Medicare
CPID 7402 Maryland Medicare

This delay has affected claims released to the clearinghouse between 11:45 AM CT on 09/04/2012 and 3:00 PM CT on 09/05/2012.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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