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The clearinghouse has identified a high number of claim rejections pertaining to Invalid Member ID numbers for several Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield payers. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has advised that these rejections occurred when incorrect Member ID data was submitted by providers. This rejection is reflected on The Clearinghouse Standardized Payer reports as follows:


Payers impacted:
CPID 3511 Anthem Blue Cross (fka California Blue Cross)
CPID 4417 Anthem Blue Cross (fka California Blue Cross)
CPID 5953 BlueChoice South Carolina Medicaid
CPID 2121 BlueChoice South Carolina Medicaid
CPID 1549 Colorado Blue Cross
CPID 1415 Colorado Blue Shield
CPID 7416 Colorado Blue Shield HMO
CPID 3534 Connecticut Blue Cross
CPID 1420 Connecticut Blue Shield
CPID 1922 Connecticut BlueCare Family Plan (Medicaid) (DOS > 7/1/06)
CPID 2427 Connecticut BlueCare Family Plan (Medicaid) (DOS > 7/1/06)
CPID 3419 Connecticut Federal Employee Health Benefits
CPID 3420 Connecticut Medicare Blue (Risk)
CPID 3537 Georgia Blue Cross
CPID 1407 Georgia Blue Shield
CPID 3502 Indiana Blue Cross
CPID 1412 Indiana Blue Shield
CPID 5534 Kentucky Blue Cross
CPID 2421 Kentucky Blue Shield
CPID 3548 Maine Blue Cross
CPID 7446 Maine Blue Shield
CPID 2597 Missouri Blue Cross - St. Louis, MO
CPID 1408 Missouri Blue Shield - St. Louis, MO
CPID 1512 New Hampshire Blue Cross
CPID 7422 New Hampshire Blue Shield
CPID 2906 Nevada Blue Cross
CPID 7496 Nevada Blue Cross
CPID 3505 Ohio Blue Cross
CPID 2418 Ohio Blue Shield
CPID 5537 Virginia Blue Cross
CPID 1413 Virginia Blue Cross
CPID 5511 Wisconsin Blue Cross
CPID 1401 Wisconsin Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has verified that members may have received new Identification cards at the beginning of 2012. When billing dates of service in 2012, the new Member ID needs to be used and must be verified on the patient new Member ID card.

Below are guidelines to follow when reporting Anthem Member ID numbers on electronic claims:

-Member ID numbers must be at least four characters.
-Most Member ID numbers begin with three Alpha characters that are based on the Member coverage plan and state. These three Alpha characters may have changed at the beginning of 2012.
-Providers should not include the Member suffix of 01, 02, 03, etc. on the claim.

Action Required: Please locate these rejected claims in the Standardized Payer Report and resubmit them with the correct Member ID information. Providers are strongly encouraged to review the Member new Identification card for 2012 prior to billing claims. If you have any questions or concerns regarding what the correct Member ID is, please contact your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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