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CollaborateMD has identified a high rate of claims rejecting for the following 5010 edits. The following edits are valid:

•EB PN3-0115:INVALID BILL PROV ADDR LINE1 (For an electronic claim, the Billing Provider Address Line 1 is required and must not be a P.O. Box. Examples: Post Office Box, P.O. Box, PO Box, P O Box, P. O. BOX, PO BOX, Lock Box, Lock Bin, LOCKBOX Drawer - Loop 2010AA, N301)
•07 PN4-0302:INVALID PROV SERVICE ZIP CODE (The Billing Provider Postal Code must be valid - Loop 2010AA, N403)
•50 PDTP0386:INVALID SERVICE LINE CHECK DATE (When the Claim Level Check or Remittance Date (Loop 2330B DTP 573) is entered, the Service Line Check or Remittance Date (Loop 2430 DTP 573) must not be entered - Loop 2430, DPT03)
•07 PN4-0310:INVALID FACILITY ZIP CODE (When entered, the Laboratory or Facility Postal Code must be valid - Loop 2310C, N403)

Action Required: Please be aware of these edits. The rejected claims will need to be corrected and resubmitted.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, Option 2.


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