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ORLANDO, Fla.--(BW HealthWire)--Apr. 6, 2002--ClaimGear, a leading provider of Internet-based software for the healthcare industry, announced today the launch of a Web site that hosts a private label version of their practice management software ClaimGear.

For no additional charge, medical billing services can give the physicians office real-time access to all of their practice data. The access is made possible through use of a private label version of ClaimGear and the Internet. Billing services can send their doctors to the XGear private web site where they can download and install the free software on any Internet-enabled computer in their medical office and home. Once the software is installed, doctors have read-only access to the system and full access to all reporting capabilities. Optionally, doctors or their staff can be given full access to any section of the software, such as patient entry.

“Physicians whose use billing services love to hear they can have real-time access to the system,” said Douglas Kegler, founder and CEO. “No longer does the physician have to wait till the end of month for paper reports. With our system, physicians see in real-time how the billing service is managing their billing and receivables.” Billing services using the ClaimGear system have a definite advantage over billing services that can only give the doctor paper reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

The private label software and Web site were designed specifically for the ClaimGear billing service clients and have no mention of the ClaimGear names or logos. ClaimGear created the private label version due to the fact that most billing services would be concerned that their clients would switch to use ClaimGear directly. “A private label version of the software and private download web site were the perfect solution to keep us behind the curtain,” explained Douglas Kegler.

Courtney Barnette, noted, “Our billing service clients can use this site as a marketing tool for perspective clients. The doctor can download and install the private label version of ClaimGear and see how easy it is to retrieve data and run reports. It also makes the sign-up process easier once the physician understands how the system works.”

Additionally, ClaimGear announced an account resell program that allows billing services to generate additional income by selling the ClaimGear account. The billing service can transfer the account to the physician, including all data, when the contract between the billing service and the physician expires. This scenario works well when the billing service was only hired to help the practice get the physician’s accounts receivables under control.

Note: As of Apr 26, 2007 ClaimGear has changed to CollaborateMD.


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