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(Orlando, FL – Aug. 1, 2005) - XGear Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Internet-based ASP practice management and medical billing software for the healthcare industry, announced today that it has released its long anticipated Document Imaging and Storage Module (DISM). The new module allows physicians and medical billing services to avoid the faxing and mailing of documents between their offices. XGear is the maker of ClaimGear, one of the healthcare industry's leading medical billing and practice management software programs.

The DISM can greatly reduce faxing and mailing costs incurred by the physician and the billing service. Physicians can simply upload any image or document into ClaimGear and instantly the billing service has access to the data. Customers currently using the DISM are uploading items such as charge slips, insurance id cards, driver licenses, and EOB’s.

"The Document Imaging and Storage Module will save our customers time and money," said Douglas A. Kegler, President and CEO of XGear Technologies. "We will continue to add any feature that will save our customers time and money."

XGear processes transactions in 49 states, including the submission electronic and paper claims, real-time insurance eligibility verification, and auto-application of insurance payments. In addition to processing their transactions, ClaimGear clients can also use the program to maintain patient records, manage appointments, manage documents, track payments and accounts receivables, and conduct other functions critical to managing a medical practice or billing service.

About XGear Technologies
Headquartered in Orlando, FL, XGear Technologies provides the healthcare industry with an Internet-based Medical Billing and Practice Management Software program, ClaimGear, which has the speed of a local PC application and the "use anywhere" flexibility of a Web browser application. Through the Internet and its Java-based system, which utilizes Sun Microsystems Inc.'s (Nasdaq:SUNW) Java technology, ClaimGear is giving physician offices and billing services the opportunity to become more efficient and flexible. For more information, visit: http://www.claimgear.com.

Note to Editors: ClaimGear is a trademark of XGear Technology in the United States. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc. in the United States and other countries.

For more information, please contact us at: 888-348-4309.

Note: As of Apr 26, 2007 ClaimGear has changed to CollaborateMD.


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