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Orlando, FL; October 6, 2000- - Leading software company ClaimGear today announced its membership into the Better Business Bureau Online (BBBOnline). ClaimGear is a pioneer in Internet-based medical billing services. It joins the BBBOnline alongside other such prominent companies as America Online, GTE, and IBM. BBBOnline restricts its membership to companies that reflect and uphold its stringent standards of conduct.

"We are very pleased with our entry into the BBBOnline. Many medical billing companies are based on multi-level marketing and other somewhat questionable business practices. We want to assure our clients in the medical billing community that ClaimGear isn't one of these. People are understandably wary of our "no up-front costs" policy and we know we can remove these fears by proudly displaying the BBBOnline logo on our web site,” said Douglas A. Kegler, President of ClaimGear.

As a leading provider of Internet-based medical billing systems, ClaimGear sets the pace for the medical billing community. ClaimGear, its trademarked software, is pulling medical billing into the 21st century with its Internet and Java-based applications. ClaimGear affords both physicians and medical billing services the opportunity to be more flexible and efficient using cutting-edge technology created specifically for the industry.

Note: As of Apr 26, 2007 ClaimGear has changed to CollaborateMD.


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