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One of our goals at CollaborateMD is to make the billing process simple and more profitable for our clients for billing services of every size and whether for normal care needs or urgent care needs. There are several key points to think about when deciding on electronic medical billing software for an urgent care provider. There must be a high standard when it comes to software for urgent care clinics that is necessary.

Busy clinics may vary in size, among other factors, but is crucial to have a dependable and trusted, medical billing software and service. Other factors can include patient demographics, clinic specialties, and even types of procedures. Some things to consider when choosing an electronic medical billing service are security, overall design and proper integration with laptops and mobile services.

Also, report writing should be flexible and easy, especially when working in a high-traffic clinic.Walk-in customers should be seen as a priority, when it comes to urgent care. With a simple and efficient patient check-in, walk-ins will have less of a waiting time.

CollaborateMD offers a system that is built to work within the fast-paced urgent care environment. Also, because of vigorous coding tools, managing a breadth of complex billing codes and processing claims quickly is easier. Urgent Care clinics seeking electronic medical billing will see less rejections and on their first pass.

CollaborateMD offers the most affordable and quickest way to help billing services better serve their customers. Some of these include an accelerated claim-to-payment which will result in reduced A/R days, a way to manage several accounts together easily, real-time editing features and simple access to claims tracking data, make the payment posting easier with line-item or ERA auto-posting, ways to eliminate and reduce claim denials and rejections with analytical reporting and more.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more about the features and services today.



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