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At CollaborateMD, we always strive to provide the most complete medical billing software and best resources in use for our clients. One of these ways is through our EHR Partner Integration program.

The EHR Partner program allows our clients to choose the best EHR partner that fits their needs and best manages your patients' health information. Instead of CollaborateMD picking just one partner, we help guide you and offer you suggestions where you make the best choice for your needs.

Each of our partners offer many key features to service our clients including patient portals, Coder systems, ePrescribing, Document Imaging, Provider and Hospital Communications, and many more.

Our EHR partner program eliminates duplicate data entry to free up more time for your staff and allows you to maintain the highest data and patient integrity. We have also built in customized and standard HL7 interfaces for several of our EHR applications that support numerous specialties across the country.

There are many benefits from utilizing EHR's. Some of the keys issues are administrative efficiencies will increase, careless mistakes can be avoided, can avoid unnecessary healthcare costs and will improve the overall quality of health throughout the country.

With the utilization of EHR's, patient care can also be improved. Doctors are able to provide higher quality and safer care to patients. Physicians benefit from knowing more about the patients, increasing the accessability of patients charts, improving office workflow, making better decisions regarding patient care, reducing costs related to the transportation of medical records and transcriptions and much more.

At CollaborateMD, we are always looking to improve and help our clients by giving the best electronic medical billing software that the industry has to offer.


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