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While the old-fashioned concept of medical billing services may have many thinking about the physician’s office, there are numerous other areas that consider electronic medical billing mandatory and essential.

The leadership at CollaborateMD teams up with businesses and organizations that allow for electronic medical billing to be mobile, for an example. This alternative can still be utilized for medical practice but is an option that is still new to many organizations. This feature can be great for smaller practices in which a dedicated team may need to have more hands-on access to web-based services for medical billing on devices.

Partnering organizations for mobile medical software include MediMobile, which completely integrates with CollaborateMD and Florida SHOTS or State Health Online Tracking System, which makes immunization registry available more centralized for convenience purposes.

Another use, that most companies do not usually think of, is medical billing software for academic and educational purposes. Universities and colleges can use this software to help students learn the processes and get a firm foundation for working with such software in their careers. This is also something that employers and companies can research for their hiring process model. It may help and benefit medical practices to identify which types of software knowledge can be useful for hiring right away and what needs to be supplemented with training.

An academic medical billing software partner includes ClaimGear, which is specifically designed for educational use. Students working in ClaimGear can enter patients, procedure and diagnosis codes, as well as, insurance and patient payments. Both CMS-1500 and 1450 claims can be used, and once entered into the system are graded for accuracy and completeness.

CollaborateMD offers support to users of ClaimGear as well. The company also partners with McGraw-Hill to produce books on the subject matter. At CollaborateMD, we are proud to partner with such amazing organizations.



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