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Aetna has provided the following information to the clearinghouse (please note that the clearinghouse allows COB billing electronically):

If you're sending paper Professional or Institutional claims for Coordination of Benefits (COB), Aetna can accept them electronically!

Benefits of Sending COB Electronically

If you are already sending primary claims electronically, you know the benefits: secure transmission, acknowledgement on every claim and getting paid faster.

When you send your secondary claims electronically, you can get the same benefits and more because there's:

No need to photocopy the primary payer's explanation of benefits (EOB).

No need to print the claim, weigh the envelope or drop it in the mail.

Since you're doing all of the work in your billing system anyway, there's less work when you send your secondary claims electronically.

Medicare COB

In many cases, Medicare pays their share then sends Aetna the claim to process the balance. Look for an MA18 or N89 remark code on your Medicare Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) or Explanation of Payment (EOP). If you see one of those codes, that means Medicare has already forwarded Aetna your claim for consideration. You don't need to send a paper claim. Aetna will process Medicare claims promptly. You'll see the processed claim on your Aetna ERA or on your Aetna EOB statement.

Information on Website

Visit the dedicated COB page on Aetna.com. No need to log in. Just click on the link.

Aetna payers include:

CPID 4500 Aetna (Institutional)
CPID 6400 Aetna (Professional)

Action Required: Consider sending your COB claims to Aetna electronically.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.


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