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In our industry that averages a 70% first pass claim acceptance rate, CollaborateMD consistently averages about 99% first pass claim acceptance rates. A large part of this is the ease of our medical billing software to make things simple in the process to avoid any problems at the clearinghouse. This saves you time, now, and in the long run. This also results in faster payments, which makes everyone happier.

At CollaborateMD, we research and analyze clearinghouse claim rejections so that we continue to improve and make things more smoothe in the future for new claims. The main aspect our industry faces is problems in data entry. At CollaborateMD, we update our software to continue to improve these areas. We strive for 100% first pass claim acceptance in the electronic medical billing industry.

A higher pass rate does not mean the claim is guaranteed to get paid but that they are passed through to the insurance agency to be paid without having to be re-worked and causing delays in the process. With a 99% pass claim acceptance, we are thrilled that we are doing our part in the process to have our clients get paid more quickly.

A few reasons why we experience our 99% pass claim is because of our talented software development team that continues to improve and upgrade our software when changes are made by the clearinghouses. Where other software programs may not be updated by once or twice per year, CollaborateMD is constantly looking to refine our software.

Also, where other software companies may use multiple clearinghouses, CollaborateMD uses one. This way, we have built a solid relationship with them and know any changes that they are making. This also streamlines our efforts as we fine tune and make our first pass claim acceptances the highest percentage possible.

We welcome you to be a part of our 99%+ group with the state-of-the-art medical billing software that we showcase at http://www.collaboratemd.com/.


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