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Dear Users,

Now that we have a few months of beta under our belts, I would like to take a moment to provide an update on the progress we’ve been making with 8.3. To start, I ask you all to join me in expressing appreciation to all users currently working in beta mode. It’s the utilization, testing, and feedback these users provide which drastically shortens a release cycle and improves the overall performance of each new version we offer. We couldn’t do it without our beta testers.

Secondly, to those currently on 8.3 beta, keep the feedback coming! The majority of all reported issues have been resolved, and we are on – if not ahead of – schedule to complete all beta testing and officially launch 8.3 this fall. As is expected with a beta release, as more of you have installed 8.3, you’ve enabled our QA and development teams to discover hidden performance issues, which we strive to correct in real-time, whenever possible.

Our team will continue monitoring the portal forums to uncover and correct new issues as they arise. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to serve you, and look forward to a successful “fully loaded” 8.3 launch in the coming weeks!

Best Regards,
Patrick Mann
Vice President of Engineering


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