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January 1st may be our 16th anniversary, but we're just getting started. 

Sixteen years is a big milestone for any company-and that goes doubly for us, working to disrupt a heavily-regulated and historically static industry. In addition to building a solution that helps our Doctors and Billers work less, and get paid fast, we've maintained a team and culture that's focused on continuous improvement. It's fair to say we're future-minded: we spend a lot of time thinking about how health care will look in 2, 5, 10, and 20 years.

In 2014, we've launched features you won't find in other Practice Management and Medical Billing solutions, like ICD- 9 / 10 Dual Coding and Internal Payment Processing, which provide you with insight and control into your account like never before. Our EHR / EMR partners continue to grow, and the integrations remains seamless.  And in just a few weeks, we plan on releasing another huge feature: our own Patient Portal.

For now, we mark the occasion with a thank you. Without you, there would be no CollaborateMD. Thank you to all business partners, past and present, and thank you to our partners and community who have brought us to where we are today. The last 16 years have been great, and we are ready to embrace the next 16.


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