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National Doctors' Day - March 30

History of National Doctors' Day

Virginia Medicaid Eligibility Transaction Processing Issue Resolved

Virginia Medicaid has resolved their processing issues and can now process eligibility transactions.

Report Generation Delay for Multiple CPIDs

A payer intermediary is experiencing issues affecting Institutional and Professional report generation for claims submitted from 08/12/2013 and 08/13/2013.

Delay in Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) for CPIDs 2438 and 8504 Tufts Associated Health Plans

Due to a payer processing issue, there has been a delay in Professional and Institutional Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) for the following payers for file dates 08/12/2013 through the present:

Alternative Uses for Electronic Medical Billing Software

While the old-fashioned concept of medical billing services may have many thinking about the physician’s office, there are numerous other areas that consider electronic medical billing mandatory and essential.

Some Key Benefits of Web-Based Billing Software

Not many health care professionals would question the numerous benefits of using medical billing software in its practices. Medical billing software and electronic health records (EHR) are very efficient, reduce the amount of billing mistakes and.

Finest Medical Billing Software for Urgent Care Needs

One of the many goals at CollaborateMD is to continually make the billing process easier and more profitable for clients for medical billing services of every size and whether for normal care needs or urgent care needs. There are several key points.