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Since version 9.2 (v9.2) was released in September 2014, we've made a number of new enhancements to streamline and increase efficiency in CollaborateMD; all based on your feedback.  If you haven't fully taken advantage of v9.2 yet, we strongly recommend you give it a look today!

5 Enhancements to Insurance Payments and Patient Activity in v9.2

  1. •  Search for Claims using multiple filters
  2. •  Option to not clear / reset the Received Date on checks
  3. •  Make the Check Number field "optional"
  4. •  Quickly identify Account Over payments
  5. •  Copy / Paste options on Patient Activity

As your love for the v9.2 free upgrade intensifies, join us on the path of billing efficiency!  Start taking advantage of these great new enhancements and Download Today!


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