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2019 Legacy
Medical Practice Pricing

Improve your revenue cycle with enhanced features

Introducing Upgraded Plans that Save Time, and Get you Paid Faster


Monthly pricing per rendering/attending provider.
Discounts available for low claim volume medical providers and large organizations.


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Upgraded Plans = Enhanced Features

Monthly pricing per rendering/attending provider.
Discounts available for low claim volume medical providers and large organizations

Unlock 1 New Feature
Plan 1 - Get Paid Faster

1 Patient Payment Plans
Create Payment Plans for your patients, schedule Payment Plan Installments, apply Payments, preview Patient Statements, and more! With our Online Payment Portal Notifications feature you can also send your patients custom texts and email reminders so they never miss a payment!
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New Plan 1 Upgrade + 4 Bonus Features
Plan 2 - Time/Money Saver

2 Custom Report Builder
Retrieve any and all data with our advanced reporting and customizable reports.  Our Interactive Dashboard provides real-time insight into the financial performance & health of your account at a glance in an easy-to-understand visual format.
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3 Document Imaging & Storage

Streamline your office with greater efficiency and reclaim full control over organizing files, customizing folders, and attaching documents directly to Patients, Claims, and Payments. Easily retrieve and view documents regardless of the location they were scanned in streamlining your office for great efficiency.

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4 Integrated Payment Processing

CollaborateMD offers an Integrated Payment Processing solution, designed to help office staff work more efficiently, more accurately, and more cost-effectively. Streamline your front office registration and reduce collection calls with our free Payment Portal.

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5 Patient Payment Portal

Patients can make payments with a few clicks of a button and view their visit and payment history. We use the highest form of security and protection to secure the patient's information. The portal reduces patient calls and accelerates patient payments.

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New Plan 2 Upgrade + 3 Bonus Features
Plan 3 - Increase Profits

6 Report Snap & Share
Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot and save a report directly in CollaborateMD, as well as share reports with users across your account. Now, you can help avoid exporting reports, emailing unsecure data, and eliminates screen share sessions. 
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7 Claim Follow-Up & Task Management
Claim Follow-Up helps keep you on top of high priority claims, ensuring you are pursuing every dollar owed. In addition, you can generate actionable tasks from the Claim Follow-Up module to boost insurance receivables, follow-up productivity, and financial performance.
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8 Unlimited USPS Address Scrubbing
CollaborateMD updates the Address Verification information based on the USPS database(s). Address Verification will help improve address quality for more efficient delivery of statements and other mailed items. This service will allow users to identify bad addresses, highlight the address & correct the address in real-time with one click.
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New Plan 3 Upgrade + 6 Bonus Features

Plan 4 - Ultimate Earnings 

9 Enhanced User Print Statements

Fully customizable color statement offer a professional look and feel that aligns with our Automated Statements, and FHMA Patient-Friendly Billing guidelines.  Customizable headers, content, icons, background color, page numbers, font, show
payment stub or hide, enter custom URL’s, logos and preview how charges breakdowns and appear, before printing.

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10 Financial Insight Tools & Analytics

Our interactive dashboard enhancements deliver real-time visibility and insightful answers to their questions in an easy-to-understand visual format. The healthcare reports and dashboards provide a 360 degree view into the financial performance and health of your account, which helps speed up productivity and day-to-day tasks. 

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11 Unlimited Electronic Claim Attachments

By enabling electronic submission, you can use one solution for these specialty claims and bypass the effort and expense of paper processing. This Relay Health Assurance Claim Attachment User Guide should be referenced to enable, configure, process claims, follow up and disable the services included with the Claim Attachment feature. There are two methods to choose from Direct Upload and Faxing.

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12 Unlimited Phone Appointment Reminders
Appointment Reminders are integrated within CollaborateMD & the Appointment Scheduling system. This service can be used to contact patients for appointment reminders, lab results, & annual appointment reminders. Customize your office message, and let patients be contacted via an automated phone message.
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13 Unlimited SMS Appointment Reminders
Send automatic SMS Reminders to patients and allow them to confirm or cancel their appointment using their mobile device. Appointment statuses within CollaborateMD will automatically be updated as patients confirm or cancel their appointment. 
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14 Unlimited Paper Claims

Paper Claims, sent by CollaborateMD services, result in quicker payments from the payer & saves on costs for printing, sorting, addressing and mailing. We handle all of that for you, resulting in significant savings.

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CollaborateMD Monthly Pricing Details:
  • The monthly minimum is your Medical Practice Plan Price, or if your account is on Medical Billing Service/Volume Based Pricing, $179 per account.
  • The monthly provider fee will be charged for each active rendering/attending provider and covers software usage, updates, maintenance, and standard support.
  • Your account set-up includes one (1) tax ID. Additional Tax ID Add-ons are $99 each.
  • Low Volume Discounts:
    • One active Rendering/Attending provider per customer in your account is charged at full price. Any additional active providers in the same customer will be charged as per the following breakdown:
      • Full Provider Fee: >= 75 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
      • Half Provider Fee: 6 - 74 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
      • Minor Provider Fee: 1 - 5 Total Claims ( Electronic + Paper + [User Print * .5] )
        • If the additional active provider in the same customer/practice submits four or fewer claims per month to the clearinghouse, that provider will not be assessed the minor monthly fee of $25 per provider.
  • If your account is on Medical Billing Service/Volume Based Pricing and your active provider transactions equal to less than the monthly minimum ($179), the fee to reach minimum will be assessed.