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Over 75,000 students have been trained on ClaimGear, the online medical billing software that is the academic version of CollaborateMD. ClaimGear is an enhanced version of our online practice management and medical billing software used by thousands of physicians across the country. Designed specifically for educational use, students working in ClaimGear can input patients, procedure and diagnosis codes, with insurance and patient payments. With three claim types available, Professional (CMS-1500), Institutional (CMS-1450), and Dental (ADA-J430), you can customize your workbook to meet your college objectives. Once the claims are entered into the system, they are graded for accuracy and completeness

A custom-made Web portal allows students to view test results and gives instructors the necessary tools to manage and maintain their students and classes.

ClaimGear Support
If you are a student in need of technical support, please contact your instructor for assistance. If you are an instructor in need of technical support, please contact your local campus system administrator.

Workbook History
ClaimGear software comes with a professional curriculum, and this workbook for the past eight years since 2007, has been published by both Elsevier and McGraw-Hill. Beginning in 2015, we have moved away from large publishers to self-publishing our workbook so we can serve all colleges, big and small, regardless.

Customize Your ClaimGear Product
The curriculum contains 1500 pages and you will be able to choose which claim type form for billing, the provider specialties, and amount of curriculum you would like in your customized workbook. Regardless of the amount of students you have, we have one flat fee per student.

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