v8.5 Report Builder Has New Fields!
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Have you upgraded to v8.5 yet? Do you use the Report Builder? Do you love new features?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then look out for the new report fields added to the Report Builder!

If you're on v8.5 these fields are currently available for use and can be found within the Report section of the application, under the Report Builder tab within the Report Fields pane.

If you’re not using v8.5 yet, what are you waiting for?? Update your application to v8.5 right now to begin using these new fields in the Report Builder and reap the benefits of our Central Business Intelligence (CBI) features.

The following fields have been added:

• Patient Prefix
• Appointment Time
• Payment Total Amount (w/ Copays)
• Charge Deleted Date
• Provider Entered Date
• Authorization#
• Auth. End Date
• Auth. Start Date
• Visits Authorized
• Visits Left

Do you want more report fields? If so, contact a Support Specialist with your request!

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Your CollaborateMD Team