Transmit Delay for Multiple Payers
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Transmit Delay for Multiple Payers

Published on February 13, 2013 in
Due to a Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS) system issue, a delay occurred in the transmission to the following payers from the clearinghouse on 02/11/2013:

CPID 1434 Wisconsin Medicare
CPID 1435 Minnesota Medicare
CPID 1437 Illinois Medicare
CPID 1438 Iowa Medicare
CPID 1441 Eastern Missouri Medicare
CPID 1445 Indiana Medicare
CPID 1451 Nebraska Medicare
CPID 1461 Michigan Medicare
CPID 1519 Nebraska Medicare
CPID 2463 Kansas Medicare
CPID 2535 J5 National Part A
CPID 2537 Iowa Medicare
CPID 2900 WPS Regular Business
CPID 3500 Indiana Medicare
CPID 3515 Michigan Medicare
CPID 3552 Tricare West Region
CPID 4447 Epic
CPID 4451 Western Missouri Medicare
CPID 4457 WPS Regular Business
CPID 4749 Tricare for Life
CPID 5518 Kansas Medicare
CPID 5572 Missouri Medicare
CPID 5913 Tricare for Life
CPID 7452 Tricare West Region

A resolution has been implemented and the claims were transmitted to the payer on 02/11/2013 after the payer's daily cut off.

This delay has affected claims released to the clearinghouse between 2:00 PM CT on 02/08/2013 and 2:00 PM CT on 02/11/2013.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.