Secondary Insurance Claims
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Secondary Insurance Claims

Published on May 1, 2014 in
CMD Cares

Did you know that our software knows when a claim can be sent electronically to the secondary Payer?  We maintain a marker in the payer database that states whether a payer accepts secondary claims electronically.

When an insurance payment is entered manually or automatically via EOB Auto Apply, and the claim has a secondary payer and there is a remaining balance, the software knows when to set the charge status to “Send to Secondary via Clearinghouse”.

If the secondary payer does not accept secondary insurance claims electronically, the software will set the charge status to “User Print and Mail”. Secondary claims can be billed the same day the primary payment is applied, accelerating reimbursement.

So, what are the key benefits for you? 

·         Streamlined Revenue Cycle Management

·         Improved Staff Productivity and More Accurate Billing

·         Faster Reimbursement

·         Reduced Errors

·         Automation that Saves Time and Money

We have recently performed an audit of all payers in our payer list to ensure that we have the most current and updated secondary electronic claim status. In our next release, Version 9.2, which is slated for beta release in August, 2014, we will be adding the secondary claim acceptance status to the Clearinghouse Information pane within the Payer section > Payer Information tab for added visibility.

For more information on sending claims to secondary insurance, please visit our Training Help Page.