Report Generation Delay for Multiple CPIDs
CollaborateMD Blog
Noridian Health Solutions is experiencing issues affecting Institutional and Professional report generation for claims submitted on 09/27/2013.

Payers affected are:

•CPID 1436 Northern California Medicare
•CPID 1444 Southern California Medicare
•CPID 1446 Nevada Medicare
•CPID 1455 Alaska Medicare
•CPID 1456 Arizona Medicare
•CPID 1459 Oregon Medicare
•CPID 1462 Washington Medicare
•CPID 1469 Iowa Medicaid
•CPID 1523 North Dakota Medicare
•CPID 1527 Utah Medicare
•CPID 1664 North Dakota Workforce Safety
•CPID 1665 Iowa Medicaid - LTC
•CPID 2411 North Dakota Blue Shield
•CPID 2453 North Dakota Medicare
•CPID 2454 South Dakota Medicare
•CPID 2458 Utah Medicare
•CPID 2465 Idaho Medicare
•CPID 2466 Wyoming Medicare
•CPID 2467 Hawaii / Guam Medicare
•CPID 2571 Iowa Medicaid
•CPID 2676 J1 Mutual of Omaha CA, NV and HI
•CPID 3584 Wyoming Blue Cross
•CPID 5515 Oregon Medicare
•CPID 5521 Washington / Alaska Medicare
•CPID 5546 Arizona Medicare
•CPID 5567 Hawaii Medicare
•CPID 5581 Idaho Medicare
•CPID 5584 Montana Medicare
•CPID 5589 South Dakota Medicare
•CPID 5593 North Dakota Blue Cross
•CPID 7400 Montana Medicare
•CPID 7489 Wyoming Blue Shield

The clearinghouse is working diligently with Noridian to resolve the issue and ensure reports are received. Please be aware of delays in the report generation for claims submitted during the time frame above.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.