Payer Transmit Delay for Multiple Payers
CollaborateMD Blog
Due to a system issue, a delay occurred in the transmission to the following payers from the clearinghouse on 03/14/2013:

CPID 4425 District of Columbia Medicaid
CPID 2488 Illinois Medicaid
CPID 5508 Illinois Medicaid
CPID 1563 Illinois Medicaid
CPID 1405 Illinois Medicaid
CPID 1727 CareCore Oxford Radiology
CPID 2835 CareCore Aetna Radiology
CPID 3894 CareCore National
CPID 4870 CareCore National Well Care Health Plan
CPID 4960 CareCore Aetna Radiology
CPID 4964 CareCore Oxford Radiology
CPID 6227 Allied Benefits Mercy Hospital
CPID 4476 Connecticut Medicaid
CPID 3599 First Administrators, Inc.
CPID 1494 Georgia Medicaid
CPID 1518 Hawaii Blue Cross
CPID 1555 Hawaii Quest
CPID 1639 Martin's Point Health Care USFHP/Generations Advantage
CPID 5701 Martin's Point Health Care USFHP/Generations Advantage
CPID 2910 UHA University Health Alliance - HI
CPID 3210 UHA University Health Alliance - HI

A resolution has been implemented and the claims were transmitted to the payers on 03/14/2013 after the payer's daily cut off.

This delay has affected claims released to the clearinghouse between 1:00 PM CT on 03/13/2013 and 10:00 PMCT on 03/14/2013.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.