Payer Conversion for CPIDs 1480 and 3564 North Carolina Medicaid
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The clearinghouse would like to inform providers of the following updates for CPIDs 1480 and 3564 North Carolina Medicaid conversion to NCTracks on July 1, 2013.

Electronic claims:
• Claims held from 2:00 PM CT on 6/20/2013 through 7/1/2013 have been sent to NCTracks for processing.

• The clearinghouse will no longer receive claim status information for Standardized Reporting beginning July 1, 2013. Claim status information will be returned either in an 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) file or in an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) .pdf file available through the NCTracks provider portal.

Electronic remittance:
• The first ERA file from NCTracks is scheduled to be generated with check date 7/16/2013 and made available to the clearinghouse for receipt on 7/17/2013.
• If you did not register the clearinghouse as your billing agent for claims and ERA, it is possible that the clearinghouse will not receive your ERA files. See Enrollment changes section below if you need to make changes.
• NCTracks check write schedule can be found here.

Enrollment changes:
• Providers needing to make billing agent updates can do so in NCTracks by transaction as of 7/1/2013. Prior to 7/1/2013, providers could select only one billing agent for all transactions. If a provider has more than one billing agent for each transaction type, for example; claims versus remittance, they will need to designate the additional billing agents in the NCTracks Provider Portal using the Manage Change process. For instructions on how to use the Manage Change screens, see the Computer Based Training course "Updating Provider Data" in NCTracks Skillport. If a provider is using the clearinghouse for multiple transactions, please select "RELAYHEALTH" as the billing agent for those transactions.

Edit Changes:
• Billing Provider Taxonomy codes must be sent for all claims. Rendering and Attending Provider Taxonomy codes must be sent when NPI or Atypical Provider ID is present. Failure to send this data will cause claims to reject at the clearinghouse.

Action Required: Providers should monitor claims activity within the NCTracks Provider Portal and make billing agent updates as necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.