Offering Our Solutions to Many Types of Users (Part 2)
CollaborateMD Blog
At CollaborateMD, we are privileged to be able to serve others and offer our software and services to many types of groups. Recently, we shared about the two main types of users for our medical billing software but today we will look at a few more including management service organizations and independent physician associations, urgent care clinics, home health agencies, durable medical equipment companies and in the academic aspect.

For organizations that manage multiple practices, locations and/or physicians, our electronic medical billing software has been a proven life saver for many. With our software having the ability to offer customizable reporting and secure administrative and user permissions, the organization can be run from anywhere, anytime. With the many great features offered, CollaborateMD, has notably been able to help organizations save time, offer great flexibility and with its multiple online features on the software and web, we are able to help practices get more work done in less time.

CollaborateMD has also been able to service the fast-paced world of urgent care clinics. We understand that these clinics need a dependable software program that is easy to use and will keep up with the volume of visitors being seen. Also, our medical software is able to produce faster results in less time.

We also have the privilege of working with home health agencies and durable medical equipment companies to help with their inventory management and customizable reporting. Our medical billing software has improved workflow and the communications from a single location. Our medical software has the ability to file institutional and professional claims along with providing the high quality assistance on our website and internet software program.

At CollaborateMD, we are also thrilled to have the opportunity to work with those at Corinthian Colleges and other educational facilities through our ClaimGear medical billing software. We are thankful to be able to serve the many types of users of our medical billing software program.