New Financial Diagnostic Tool Added to our Software
CollaborateMD Blog
At CollaborateMD, we are continually striving and looking for ways to improve our software to better help our clients. We have a team that is second to none and already have created the best medical billing software program on the market.

Our software development team has brought even more value back to our clients by adding a financial diagnostic tool. We are very excited about this and believe you will be too.

In today's changing times for physicians, more tools and demands are brought to them, including financial numbers and issues related to this. Our new financial diagnostic tool will improve the electronic medical billing process even more. This tool will provide a complete look inside the financial performance of your business. With access to all of your claim and remittance data, users will even be able to strategize in different ways, including working less and getting paid quicker.

Here are some of the key features: key performance indicators, summary of your data with drill down capabilities, exclusive access to payer specific data and the ability to compare performance with other providers regionally or by specific type of data or specialty. Clients can also view how quickly your claim dollars and submission time are taking place along with instantly tracking exclusion rates.

As clients can see, this financial diagnostic tool will add many more benefits and help speed up many processes and make things easier. We invite you to read more about this tool along with some screen shots here.