Medical Billing Software at Affordable Pricing
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Choosing the best medical billing software is no easy task. The company has to not only locate and research the software programs that are available that will best fit its needs in ease and usage but also to  find the one that fits into your budget. At CollaborateMD, we have packaged the essential ingredients with continual improvements to help our clients be completely satisfied, in every way possible.

When comparing pricing, it is so important to look at the results and track record for each software program. At CollaborateMD, we stand above and are proud of what our team has accomplished and what we continually strive to do in improving our medical billing software.

Since our electronic medical billing software was established in 1999, CollaborateMD has continued to make lives easier for medical billers throughout the United States. Our 99%, first pass acceptance rate, ranks among as the best in the industry as the national average is about 70% first pass acceptance. CollaborateMD has streamlined our efforts to focus on using one clearinghouse and build an excellent partnership with them to be sure that our billing software gets as close to 100% pass acceptance rate,as possible.

From simple data entry posting methods to fully featured and flexible appointment scheduling, our medical billing software program is the most complete and functionable in the medical billing industry.With our software running so effortlessly, along with time saved by our first pass acceptance rates and unlimited phone, email and online chat help, CollaborateMD’s low monthly fees won’t affect your bottom line. Also, there are no setup fees with CollaborateMD. We believe 100% that our medical billing software is the elite product on the market and would welcome for you to take a demo to try out our software.

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