Final ICD-9-CM Code Set Update
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Final ICD-9-CM Code Set Update

Published on October 1, 2013 in
CMD Application

It's the first of October and the final updates to ICD-9-CM codes have taken effect. There are no new, updated, or removed ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes. The update included 4 new ICD-9-CM procedure codes (used for institutional billing). The 4 new codes, which are listed below, have been added to the master list and will be available for dates of service October 1, 2013.

Procedure Code Description

00.96 Infusion of 4-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate

14.81 Implantation of epiretinal visual prosthesis

14.82 Removal of epiretinal visual prosthesis

14.83 Revision or replacement of epiretinal visual prosthesis