Duplicate Claims Transmission for CPIDs 1446 Nevada Medicare and 2467 Hawaii Medicare
CollaborateMD Blog
During the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Jurisdiction JE transition from Palmetto GBA to Noridian Health Solutions, some provider information did not transition correctly. This resulted in claim rejections for the following payers:

• CPID 1446 Nevada Medicare
• CPID 2467 Hawaii Medicare

Providers need to be aware of the following:
• Affected claims were sent to Noridian by the clearinghouse on 9/17/2013 and 9/18/2013.
• Noridian made a correction and reprocessed all claims on 9/25/2013.
• Providers whose claims processed on 9/17/2013 and 9/18/2013 without errors will receive a report with a duplicate submission error.

Action Required: Providers should ignore reports with duplicate submission errors if claims were previously accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-888-348-8457, option 2.