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The CollaborateMD Version 9.5.1 (v9.5.1) Spring Release is right around the corner and will deliver powerful enhancements and advanced functionality to CollaborateMD.

In advance of the v9.5.1 release, you are invited to view the 6 Report Viewer and Builder Enhancements in this special Sneak Peek 1.

Coming Soon! Not only will v9.5.1 include these Sneak Peek 1 new features and enhancements, we will also be releasing Revenue Code Default Pricing improvements.  Stay tuned!

Important Notice for Version 9.4 & 9.5 Users:  Decommission Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2017, 11:01 PM.
We want everyone to experience the best CollaborateMD has to offer – from Interactive Dashboard Analytics to New User Print & Final Demand Notice Statement to Multiple Fee Schedules – and the latest version 9.5 (v9.5) of CollaborateMD is the way to do that. Register for … Continue reading
Enhanced User-Print Statement Feature
Published on November 15, 2016 in
Software Releases
Patient responsibility expenses are escalating and it’s crucial that patients receive statements that are easy to understand and accurate.  CollaborateMD is proud to present users with a new third option to meet more of your patient statement needs. Check out … Continue reading
As a continuation of our mission to provide the best & most affordable practice management & medical billing software, CollaborateMD is excited to announce the General Availability release of Version 9.5 (v9.5) which includes new Features and Functionality that improve … Continue reading
See What’s Coming to V9.5
Published on October 9, 2016 in
CMD Cares
Software Releases
Our Dashboard Enhancements will deliver unprecedented insight into your business’s financials and productivity.  The Dashboard Gadgets will allow you to review high-level metrics, as well as drill down on data points at a granular level. The new Dashboard Enhancements and gadgets will support drill-through capabilities which will allow the … Continue reading
Upgrade Today* to CollaborateMD Version 9.4 (v9.4) to start benefiting from the Patient Insurance Enhancements that support all situations and billing scenarios including:  Unlimited Insured Parties Tertiary Billing Multiple Authorizations This New Collapsible and Expandable Patient Insurance Layout snippet will … Continue reading
Summer is here, and your staff is on vacation.  The challenges of closing out your tasks while the staff is away from the office can be difficult!  No worries.  Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot and … Continue reading