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CollaborateMD v9.4: Home of Report Snap & Share

On Jul 18, 2016

Summer is here, and your staff is on vacation.  The challenges of closing out your tasks while the staff is away from the office can be difficult!  No worries.  Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot and save a report directly in CollaborateMD, as well as share reports with users across your account.

Use Report Snap & Share only in v9.4*!  You can run any report, then "Save" or "Save & Share". Immediately, you have your saved results to view later.  Shared users will receive a CMD message including a link to the report for the exact data you ran, whether or not they are in the office that day.  The report will remain active for you and any shared users to view for 90 days from the date saved. Check out this short video snippet below!

*Some v9.4 features may not be available for customers signed on or after 06/13/16, depending on your plan.  Please contact sales if you have questions on this feature or your plan.

Nilay Patel

By Nilay Patel

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