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CollaborateMD Fall Release - Version 9.5

On Nov 9, 2016

As a continuation of our mission to provide the best & most affordable practice management & medical billing software, CollaborateMD is excited to announce the General Availability release of Version 9.5 (v9.5) which includes new Features and Functionality that improve your user experience.  Best of all, your upgrade is always Free.

Check out this New Interactive To-Do List video below and many more on our dedicated v9.5 Sneak Peeks page.

v9.5 Features and Functionality include:

  • New Interactive Dashboard Analytics
  • Enhanced User Print & Final Demand Notice Statements
  • Multiple Fee Schedules
  • Automated Final Demand Notices
  • Print an EOB for specific claims
  • Default a charge status for a single CPT
  • And more…

The free upgrade to v9.5 is another way we continue to prove our dedication to helping our valued customers Work Less, Get Paid Fast, Period®.


Nilay Patel

By Nilay Patel

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