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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will delay announcing which participants have been selected for the planned end-to-end ICD-10 testing in July until the CMS finishes examining the implications of the recent ICD-10 transition deadline delay. CMS and the MACs announced last month that selected testing partners would be notified in mid-April. Only a small number of testing partners will be invited to participate in the testing period. These partners will be selected from applications submitted to each of the 16 MACs.

Our clearinghouse partner, RelayHealth, is positioning itself to be at the front of the line for participation by aggressively completing testing volunteer forms for all MACs and submitting them well in advance of the deadline.

A sample set of Medicaid ICD-10 test claims, as well as other commercial payers, have been submitted. As payers update their testing schedules we will continue to submit ICD-10 test claims, on your behalf, and monitor the returned claims acknowledgement reports. No action is required from CMD users.

Additional communications regarding ICD-10 updates and future testing results will continue to be sent to keep you up to date on our ICD-10 testing schedule and results.

Continue to check our CMS ICD-10 site for news, a free converter tool, and resources to better prepare for ICD-10.

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