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What Can You Do To Protect Your CMD Data?
Published on August 6, 2014 in
CMD Cares

CollaborateMD has been dedicated to protecting your identity and your data for over 15 years. As technology advances, those in the healthcare industry struggle to deal with privacy and data security risks. In version 9.2, we plan on reducing these threats.

Any user who has not configured the security section of their User Profile will be required to complete two (2) security questions and responses as well as enter a four (4) digit Call-in PIN. The Call-in PIN will be used to verify and validate your identity when contacting CollaborateMD. The security questions and responses can be used for password recovery.

Effective August 25th, all Users, regardless of what version of CMD they are on, will be asked to verify their Call-in PIN when contacting CollaborateMD via phone or Live Chat.

These enhanced security measures will increase security surrounding your account and ensure unauthorized changes do not occur.

To avoid any service delays, please update your User Profile today.  For instructions on how to configure your User Profile visit the User Profile Help Page on the CMD Training Site.

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