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Did you know that, as a CollaborateMD customer, you have an unlimited amount of user logins at your disposal? Whether you work with an office manager, billing assistant, or IT resource, you can set up additional users with appropriate permissions to access your CollaborateMD account.

In version 9.1 and 9.2 there are 3 different user roles, depending on what level of access you want your user to have. This allows you more flexibility and control over how the rest of your team accesses CollaborateMD.

1.  Authorized Representative (Auth Rep)
For the CollaborateMD power user. Access to tools and features to maintain account settings and functions. Anyone setting up services or paying invoices within the application should be set up as an Auth Rep.

2.  Administrator (Admin)
For the daily operations king or queen. Access to tools and features to maintain account settings and functions. Anyone setting up and maintaining core aspects of CollaborateMD, like a provider, customer accounts, or user management should be set up as an Admin.

3. User
For the day to day office guru. Users are created by an Admin or Auth Rep and assigned appropriate permissions for section(s)/feature(s) within CollaborateMD.

So, ask yourself:

Is there anyone on your team that should be added as a user? Which specific user role is appropriate for how they plan to use CollaborateMD?

You can lean more about our User Roles and specific permissions on our Training Help pages. 


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